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Thai food in Melvern

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Welcome to the little Thai cafe in Melbourne
  • All our coffee is 100% Fair trade
  • Delicious selection of home made cakes and pastries

The Banana Leaf Coffee House
Telephone +(613) 90411149
E-mail info@bananaleafcafe.com.au

Thai coffee shop


Mixed Vegetable Salad (10$)
Tuna Wasabi Salad (10$)
Warm Chicken Salad (10$)

Sandwich or Roll

Ham, swiss cheese with tomato croissant (8.5$)
Grilled Chicken & Bacon wrap with spicy Mayo (10$)
Bacon, avocado, tomato & mayo sandwich (11$)
Chicken Schnitzel Roll (12$)
cheese, tomato sandwich (7$)
Cajun Chicken (8.5$)
sour cream, salad mix, cajun CK., sundried tomato, cheese
Roast vegetable (8.5$)
Pesto sauce, eggplant, roast pumpkin, spinach, pepper, feta cheese
Tuna Wasabi (8.5$)
salad mix, tomato, tuna, onion, capsicum, mayo
Mixed salad sandwich (8.5$)
salad mix, carrot, avocado, tomato, cucumber, beetroot
BLT (8.5$)
salad mix, bacon, tomato

Would you like us to cater your event? Call us & we'll help you find a venue and organize the event: +(613) 90111149