Soi Romanee

Soi Romanee (Soi Rommanee) is located in the heart of Phuket Old Town. A walk along the soi, the street that connects Thalang Road with Dibuk Road, evokes Phuket’s interesting history. Like many streets in Phuket’s old quarter, there are lots of attractive Sino-Portuguese style shop-houses.


Some of the vintage buildings have been converted into bars, guesthouses and cafés. Here you can enjoy an easy-going night out. Bring along your camera!

This area is truly a hidden gem – full of colorful renovated buildings. And, unlike in most places in Thailand, there are no funny looking electric or telephone cables hanging here and there anymore. Everything has been nicely put away underground. Some local families have been living along this street for generations. Most of them have Chinese backgrounds hence many houses have cute little red Chinese shrines set high up on the outside walls to make it easy for them to pray to the deities before entering or leaving the house. An old accommodation called the Wiboonsinn Hotel that has been there for decades is still going strong even though there have been some better looking and more comfortable budget guesthouses opening up over the years.

Good to Know About Soi Romanee

Soi Romanee was once a red light district for the many Chinese labourers who came to work the tin mines. The name of this soi is intriguing as 'rommani' is an old-fashioned Thai word that has several meanings such as ‘beautiful’, ‘adorable’ and ‘favourite’. Many Thais named their daughters Rommanee following its lovely meaning but the name Soi Romanee roughly translates to 'naughty with the ladies' because of its infamous history.

Nowadays it is known as one of the most attractive and romantic lanes on the island as it were the first in the area to be renovated. It’s common to see young Phuket lovers, especially those who are getting married, dressed in full wedding regalia for their pre-wedding photo shoot around Soi Romanee.

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